Varieties of Material in a Single Mattress

Single Mattress

If you have ever searched for a mattress online or have visited a local store, you know that there are multiple choices available in terms of material that you get in a mattress. Whether it is a king size mattress or just a single mattress, you come across a plethora of choices. Some of the most popular materials in Australia are inclusive of Latex material, Innerspring material, Memory foam and Hybrid material. No matter whether you live alone or have little ones at home, a single mattress will work for you. There are multiple ways in which you can leverage your single bed mattress. In this blog, we have discussed the choices available in the market in regards to single mattress material along with their pros and cons.

Before starting the topic, let us look at the different sizes of mattresses that you can avail easily.

Mattress Size Measurements in cm 


Single 92*187cm
King Single 106*203cm 
Double 137*187cm
Queen  153*203cm
King 183*203cm 

After knowing the mattress size, let’s look at the material that you will find in a single mattress. Here we will take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of Latex, Innerspring, memory foam and hybrid material for a single bed mattress. 

  • Latex material single mattress 

Latex materials are the top trending single mattress among Australians. One of the most significant features of Latex is its natural fabric. Yes, you read it right. Latex mattresses use minimum chemicals in the process of making. Because Latex has a low count of chemicals in it, it is the most affordable single mattress available in the market. Durability is another prominent characteristic of a latex mattress. Going further more, Latex does not even require frequent rotation and flipping, unlike other mattresses. If we inspect the downside of a Latex mattress, it includes heaviness of the material and thus hard to port from one place to another. Other than that, if we compare it to an innerspring mattress, it seems quite expensive, but as the saying goes; you get what you pay for.

Single Mattress

  1. Innerspring single bed mattress

As the name suggests, innerspring mattresses consist of steel coil support systems. Springs connected to a single unit, so the more coil, the better quality of a sleep you will experience. Though many people will find innerspring as outdated or older, still it is popular in many households for a single bed mattress. Some of the prominent advantages of innerspring include user-friendliness, various firmness options, easy to find and transfer from one place to another. As there are pros of innerspring, there are also disadvantages, which are inclusive of comparatively low-quality of a mattress, noisy and prone to wearing out quickly.

Furthermore, they are not highly effective for pressure point relief and comfortness. Many consumers find it unsatisfactory while experiencing the smoothness of sleep on an innerspring single mattress. Low-durability rate is another downside of this type. Sagging and one-side use are significant factors contributing to low durability. 

  1. Memory foam mattresses

When we talk about highly-popular mattresses, memory foam has its place. A considerable number of groups find memory foam comfortable and luxurious. Memory foam tends to adjust its shape according to the sleeper’s position and thus providing an ultimate level of comfort while sleeping. Moreover, this single mattress will also come into its original shape after pressure is no more there. You can compare memory foam to a sponge, to a certain extent. You will get surprised by knowing that the invention of memory foam has a connection to NASA. While working on viscoelastic, scientists in the 1960’s discovered a material, now known as memory foam. The initial intention was to protect space-travellers and pilots. Viscoelastic is well known for its soft and energy-absorbing properties. Significant benefits of single mattress memory foam include a high-level of comfort along with pressure point relief, motivates proper spine alignment and low motion transfer. Going further, it doesn’t only support pain relief but also prevents it. Other than that, memory foam does not allow the penetration of dust mites and other allergens, allowing it to last even more than a decade. The only downside of a memory foam single bed mattress is that it may be odour due to off-gassing in the initial days.

Single Mattress

  1. Hybrid mattresses
    Hybrid mattresses are a new trend as they provide benefits of two different types of mattresses. Hybrid, in simple words, is a combination. Innerspring and memory foam hybrid is quite famous nowadays. One of the key features of such hybrids are accurate pressure points to support your body while saving a tremendous amount of money. Because Hybrid is a comparatively new type, it sometimes becomes confusing to find a perfect blend for your single bed mattress.

Single Mattress


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