All about mattress toppers


Decorating and setting up your bedding is nostalgic as you feel overwhelmed by the comfort and luxury of your mattress, but choosing the best bedding may cause you sleepless nights. There are ample products available in the market to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your luxurious mattress and attractive bedroom. Some of the most popular products are inclusive of various mattress sizes, mattress protectors, mattress padding and mattress toppers. They all provide great functionality and benefits to make your sleep smoother than ever. In this blog, we have discussed the key features of mattress toppers along with the things that you should consider before buying it.  

mattress toppers

A mattress topper is an additional layer of quality fabric to adjust the softness of your mattress so that you can feel the warmth of your sleep. Let’s say if your mattress is too firm, so to reduce the firmness, you add a soft fabric topper to your mattress. Or in an otherwise situation, you add a thick layer topper to enhance the firmness of your mattress. Many people still think that mattress toppers, paddings and protectors are the same things, but it is not. All of these have different vital functions, along with multiple advantages. The primary purpose of a mattress toppers is to increase the comfort, whereas protectors prevent the mattress from damages and padding serves the mixture of both. 

There are multiple options available in the market in terms of mattress toppers choices, as it provides several sizes including single size, king single size, double size, queen size and king size. Not only that, but we also get the privilege to choose from numerous materials including memory foam mattress topper along with cool gel, goose feather, duck feather and bamboo cover. Furthermore, different types of colours are also available to choose from; some of the most popular are white, blue and grey. 

Here is some significant factor that pushes us further to buy mattress toppers: 

Strengthened comfort level 

One of the major critical functions of mattress toppers is to provide the pro level of ease to the sleeper. If you have some years old mattress, which no longer provides the level of comfort compared to the earlier, then you should certainly consider buying a mattress topper as it will fulfil your requirements completely. 

Complimentary to your mattress

Mattress toppers are not only for old mattresses but also favours your new mattress. Let’s say you find your existing mattress too firm to sleep on or too soft to adjust yourself properly then you just need to buy a topper accordingly which solves your issue of uncomfortableness. 

Avoid damage 

Placing a topper on your mattress will protect you from the harmful effects of mattress spoilage. When you cover your mattress with mattress protectors, it not only upscale the comfort level but also prevents penetration of bed bugs, dust mites, allergic bacteria and liquid slipping. 

Things to consider before buying mattress toppers  

Buying mattress toppers is no less tough than walking on a sword. There is a huge ocean of products available in the market and it’s easier to get lost or extremely confused among a plethora of options. To ease your task of purchasing a topper, we have noted down some points to consider 


Thickness is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a topper, as it indicates the level of support you will get in your sleep. If you are placing an extra layer with a topper, then buy a good volume density as it will add a feather to your bed crown. A memory foam mattress topper is well-known for providing significant relief to those who are suffering from muscular or joint pain. 

mattress toppers

Durability and stability 

If you are a sensitive sleeper and even a small noise or movement can disturb your sleep, then you must go for a memory foam mattress topper as it mitigates bounce and snoring of a partner sleeping next to you. Not only that but memory foam mattress toppers also serve a high level of durability. 


If you are living in a warmer climate, then wool and gel-infused memory foam mattress topper is ideal for you due to their breathability and moisture-wicking abilities. 

Sleep position 

Your sleeping position impacts profoundly on your preferences of topper selections. If you sleep on your stomach, buy a firm topper to keep your spine aligned; but if you sleep on sides then buy softer toppers as your curves need more support. Lastly, if you sleep on your back, a medium firmness topper will suit you the most. 


Needless to say, your economic preferences will decide the kind of a topper you buy. Remember you get what you pay for, high-quality products may seem expensive at first, but they are more reliable and durable than cheap products. 

mattress toppers

After-sales services 

After-sales services hold an equal value of mattress toppers and its product quality. At Mattress Discount, we respect our customers with excellent after-sales service inclusive of easy payment options, customer support and fastest shipment service. You can avail the Buy Now Pay Later service by choosing AfterPay, ZipPay, LatitudePay, LayBuy and Humm. Our dedicated team of customer care executives are always ready to support you in regards to your queries related to products or purchase. We ship our products to all major parts of Australia with the least delivery timings.