How To Rock In A Long Sleeve Rashie


Is it possible to look sexy even without showing too much skin?

Many thought that to be sexy, they need to wear skimpy dresses and two-piece suits to flaunt their cleavage and curves. But a number also believe that sexiness is not about one’s physical appearance. Sexiness comes from within.

If individuals feel complete about themselves in whatever they wear, that attitude will reflect on the outside. They will speak, move, and think with confidence. People will notice that too and will regard them as sexy individuals.

Just like in choosing for swimwear or an outfit for a beach trip, wearing a long sleeve rashie womens can be both stylish and functional.


But first, why opt for a rash guard than a cotton tee or a bathing suit?

For one, a rashie is effective in protecting oneself from the sun’s UV rays. Unlike a two-piece bathing suit or even a one-piece, a rash guard covers the arms, chest, and back. This kind of clothing is also breathable, lightweight, and quick-drying, making it an ideal outfit either in or out of the water. And to completely shield and the arms from the harmful UV ray, it is prudent to opt for a long sleeve rashie.

Aside from the fact that it offers UV protection, a full sleeve rash guard can still help one show off her sexy self. How to rock in a long sleeve rashie then? Here are a few tips you may want to consider.

No Boring Patterns

Opt for something bright. Go sleek and choose a rashie with a pattern that highlights your curves. There are also designs that go well with one’s complexion. Consider those with cut-outs or woven rope patterns. They look not only chic but comfortable, too.

Other prints that all the more help show off one’s curves are florals, geometric patterns, and ethnic prints.

Perfect Fit

Always make sure that in buying anything you would want to wear, it should be well-made and fits you perfectly. An ill-fitting rash guard looks lousy on you which may affect your confidence level.

Contoured Sides

For a more flattering fit, go for a style with contoured sides. Such a design is usually adjustable, too, to ensure a perfect fit.

Go For The Classic

Classic remains timeless. Those long-sleeve rashie folded into classic 3/4 sleeves are not only sexy to look at but offer a snug fit. Check if such style all the more makes you look chic and fab.

Style Your Hair

Often, a hairstyle makes a lot of difference. It can make one look so sexy and at times, just a plain Jane. Check which hairstyle fits well with your rashie.

Wear your hair in a bun or use a ponytail. Often, showing off the neck makes one appear sexy.

You may also opt to wear your hair untied and wavy. This sends off the impression that you just came from the bed after an exciting night.

Pair with the Right Attitude

Despite the massive and even unexplainable design of a rash guard, others still look sexy on them; this is because these individuals move with such confidence that it naturally radiates through their movement.

So on your next beach trip, opt for a long sleeve rashie. Such cover-up keeps you sun-proof. If you want to appear sexy and chic, then just be confident, flaunt that smile, and walk as if you own the place.

Remember, too, that after long hours of staying in and out of the water in a long sleeve rashie, there is nothing hotter than having a flawless skin without that nasty, peeling sunburn. Thanks to opting for a full sleeve rash guard, you not only show off your fashionable side but also save your burn-free self.