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The Stratton group is the significant hardwood dealer in Australia. We present the strongest and best hardwood which we explored from all over the can receive faster and neat delivery from us. we love to call you before One day to inform the time of deliver. We can reach you at any time in order to deliver the purchased material. we provide Bangkirai, hardwood decking, ipe decking. You can use our hardwood for your purposes. You can reach us to enhance the look of your can visit our official website to see our service.


It is commonly found in Indonesia, Burma, and has many names as it belongs to different countries. It can be very from different colours such as reddish brown and yellow. The wood is strong and holds complete resistance. You can worry about the longevity of the wooden material Stratton group provides material which has great withhold strength in water and humid conditions. You can use it in your garden.but don’t paint the wood. It has the great resistance to can ask any queries regarding the material. Our trained experts will answer all the questions.

If you need to build a deck with bangkirai material you just need a screw into the board. just drill the hole deeply because it is a tough material. It can reduce the cnces of crackes and splitting. We provide the outstanding bangkirai which helps you to build your dream home.

Hardwood decking:

Your carmaker your home beautiful by adding our hardwoods. You can be comfortable and have your favourite snack with our deck. The Stratton group gives you plenty of materials in can pick it by your own choice from the Stratton group. You can all the essential material from our shop to build your deck. just you can have a click and enjoy the benefits.

We also provide terrace fencing and roofing. Just go through ourwebsite to know about thestarttongroup.

Ipe decking:

Ipe decking is the difficult to many other hardwoods. The durability is the primary source of the ipe can get if from the Stratton group.our ipe decking is free from humidity and order to maintain the material just you need to oil the needs less maintenance and minimal attention. The Stratton group allows you to access everything from online Happypics is providing childcare photography

Timber decking:

Timber decking can give an extra look to your garden. The Stratton group provides best quality timbers for decking and can access hardwood sources from the Stratton group, affordable writing company.

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