Everything you need to know when buying a pool table online


Own a pool table that offers unlimited recreation and will entertain you, family and friends. Buying a table isn’t an easy task as it seems. It requires a big investment and buying impulse isn’t a great idea for the long term value. Whether you’re a leisure player, want to improve your game or a league player, a pool table is where your passion starts. Sizes and styles are important, which depends on what you want to do. So, we have put together all that will guide you in purchasing a table online:



  • Pool Table types


The most crucial part of a pool table is the tabletop. It is the base of your pool where playing skills get unleashed. Picking the right material is the most important, especially when it comes to money and purpose. Whether you’re looking for some entertainment or as a centre-piece for the veteran players, the table’s material needs the most consideration of all. 


Synthetic table slates :

  • Particle Board (MDF) – 

Particle Board


It is a medium-density fibreboard that will serve the purpose initially. MDF usually found on high-quality boards  have a lightweight build over the durability of the slate-slate cabinets. It requires to become more substantial that supports additional weight as well. MDF tables have sleek designs with a light footprint.


  • Honeycomb –


Layers of hardened plastic compress the honey-bee like surface. These tables are lighter than other tables and the playing surface is slightly rough than the other synthetics.


  • Slatron : 


Also known as Permeate, it is a layer of hardened plastic that surrounds the particleboard. It is one of the best options but a highly expensive and durable synthetic.


  • Slate :


The slate is a heavy rock that splits into wide flat pieces and fits well into a game that needs a level playing field. It is popular as the highest quality surface and the most expensive of all. 



Styles and aesthetics :

Pool table for sale

The size of a pool table means it will demand a lot of attention. It also makes it vital to consider how the potential table complements or clashes with the space you have. The modern and unique tables are a superb addition to specific decors; they require someone who has an eye for the minute details to avoid mismatching.

Usually, tables come in three categories :

  • Classic


The basic tables have been around for decades. They come covered in vintage green or red felt and have a hardwood frame. The legs of the table have an antique pattern and style that you may have seen on the older chairs or tables.


  • Contemporary –

pool table

It showcases a modern twist on the older design. Stained hardwood replaces with a polished black finish and the old-timer green and red felts replaces with blue or even patterned designs.

  • Modern :



The tables come with pedestals instead of table legs, various assorted pocket designs and felt colours. Besides, they also come with tracks or neon lighting and glass LED top colours that help highlight shot angles. 



Size and spacing :

   Before you make a purchase, it is imperative to measure if you have enough space. Even if you think the table will fit in your room comfortably, there must be adequate space around all the sides of the table for the players to shoot. Consider what size of cues you want to use and whether adults or children will use adults or children. Remember, you’ll need some more space for a rack or cabinet to store extra cues and balls. 


Features of our pool tables :

All our pool tables come in 25mm (1 inch) thickness of MDF playing surface board. The legs of our tables arrive in 50mm extra thickness for better stability. It also comes with a high-speed wool felt playing surface. You’ll also find the ball returns where you sink a ball and it returns to one end of the table. The tables we sell come with adjustable feet to adjust the height of 1 inch. 

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