6 helpful tips to look after your new king single mattress

king single mattress


Generally, a king single mattress is ideal for taller children, grown-up children and adults living in limited spaces. The mattress is wider and longer than a single mattress. It offers ample sleep space infused with superior comfort, elegance and sophistication. The premium quality mattress comes with 100% customer satisfaction at our online store with undisturbed sound sleep promised.

Purchasing a new king single mattress can prove as exciting, expensive and exhausting. It’s because you’ve picked the mattress of your choice after a lot of searches and analysis. So, when your desired king single mattress size gets delivered, instead of just placing it on your bed and forgetting about it, we recommend you to take good care of it over the next few years. With the right care and attention, your mattress will last long. After all, you don’t want to shop for a new mattress every year.

Tip – 1 Protect your mattress

How much ever clean you stay, when you sleep you’ll sweat. Your king single mattress soaks up the moisture every night and over some time can attract dust mites. In just a few years or months, your new mattress will have soaked ample sweat may have become home to a million dust mites. 

We can’t wash a mattress, but we can wash the mattress protector for sure. Hence, it is a great idea to put a mattress protector on your new mattress. A good mattress protector can help prevent most of the sweat from dripping into the mattress and also protection from any other stains.  

king single mattress

Tip – 2 An excellent bed frame

When you’ve bought a king single mattress size, you wouldn’t want to place it on a saggy or broken bed frame. It won’t be good for your mattress as well as your comfort. One of the reasons for a mattress to last longer is to use it with a high-quality and correct size bed frame. 

king single mattress

Tip – 3 Rotate your mattress 

A new mattress needs the time of 2-4 weeks to break in. That’s when you should start rotating your mattress. According to experts, regularly rotating your mattress provides uniform wear to each side of the mattress and adjusts the sleep surface evenly to aid a prolonged life to the mattress. 

king single mattress

Tip – 4 Keep your mattress clean

Yes, a mattress protector should keep your mattress clean only if it is a waterproof one or else spills and stains may trickle through. If possible, treat the spills or stains quickly. Use warm soapy water sparsely to soak the spill or stain. Avoid saturating the fabric or interior of the king single mattress as moisture may encourage mould growth. You need to ensure that the mattress is completely dry before placing the protector and sheets back on. Speed up this process using a hairdryer on a gentle setting or place the mattress outside in the sun.  

At last, to reduce dust and dust mites, vacuum your mattress with the upholstery attachment whenever you turn or rotate it. 

Tip – 5 Keep kids off the mattress

It doesn’t mean that kids can’t sleep on the new mattress. But avoid standing or jumping on your king single mattress, bending your mattress or kneeling on its edges. If you sit on the mattress to put on your shoes, try sitting in a different spot each day or your mattress may start to sag prematurely.

king single mattress

Tip – 6 Move your mattress with care  

While moving your mattress, you need to take certain precautions to prevent your mattress from getting damaged. Get a friend or a family member to help you move the king single mattress. Doing things with your family members or friends is always better. Take care of your mattress and avoid folding or bending your mattress as it may adversely affect the coil springs. 

king single mattress

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