11 awesome benefits of kayaking- physical, mental and more


Are you thinking of a sport that can get you out of the house and improve your physical and mental health? If yes, then kayaking is the one you need to look for. With tons of enjoyment, paddling a kayak can offer all such benefits. You get to exercise your body, heart and brain, explore the beauty of nature and discover new places with an intimate view. Our kayak for sale offers you a lot of benefits that can encourage you to for your first kayaking experience. 

What is kayaking? 

It is a water sport that involves the use of a double-bladed oar to paddle a small boat known as a kayak. You can go paddling a kayak in lakes, rivers and oceans. However, ensure that you don’t overestimate your capabilities. 

Physical benefits 

Apart from being an enjoyable activity, kayaking offers ample physical and mental benefits. 

  • Achieve your ideal body weight  :


Kayaking is one of the many exercises that help you burn calories and shed some weight. Moreover, it gives more fun than other fitness activities. If you paddle for more than one hour, then you can burn almost 1,600 calories per session. 

  • Increase the upper body muscle strength :

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Since kayak exercises involve using your arms more, the upper body muscles get good toning. While paddling a kayak for sale, the exertion extends to your upper body muscles such as back, shoulder and chest. Paddling for long hours can help exercise these muscles. 

  • Strengthen your core muscles :

During this kind of workout, your abdomen, obliques and lower back get engaged. With every stroke, as you move forward, your abs will contract and as you pull, you’ll contract your muscles on the lower back. While twisting motions, you’ll engage your obliques too. 

  • Tone your legs :

While kayaking, you need to apply pressure to maintain your balance. Also, when you’re trying to turn or steer, unknowingly you’ll loosen or tighten your muscles several times. It will aid in toning your legs to a great extent.

  • Better heart health :

As an aerobic sport and cardiac exercise, kayaking strengthens your heart muscles and improves the efficiency of pumping blood. Besides, it improves circulation and increases your heart rate to a healthy level. It exercises your heart well and makes it stronger.  

  • Great source of Vitamin D :

Get ample Vitamin D with exposure to sunlight.  Kayaking allows you to bask in the sun allowing your body to produce Vitamin D. It is essential for strong bones, boosts your immune system, helps in brain development, supports muscle function and keeps the heart in excellent condition. 

Mental benefits 

  • Reduces stress :

Spending some time outdoors and getting fresh air can significantly reduce stress. Just like any other physical exercise helps to reduce stress, kayaking has the same stress-relieving benefit. 

  • Improves focus :

This aerobic sport triggers your brain to release chemicals like Dopamine, serotonin and nor epinephrine that will improve one’s focus and attention. If you’re depressed or want to clear your mind from a hectic schedule paddling a kayak provides a relaxing workout. 

  • Enhances memory :

Exercising regularly and being more active can improve your memory and thinking power. Aerobic exercises using a kayak can increase the size of the hippocampus – the specific portion of the brain responsible for learning and verbal memory. 

  • Improves the quality of sleep :

Exercising during the day will exhaust you and help you fall asleep faster compared to when you do nothing the whole day. Also, spending all your energy can boost deep sleep for long hours and improves your sleep quality throughout the night. 

  • Great for self-improvement :

Paddling a kayak can prove as an excellent opportunity for self-improvement. With every session, you can keep track of your performance. You can even record your speed, the distance covered and time taken during each session. Moreover, you can keep track of your performance and set small goals to improve yourselves. Noticing these improvements will give a great sense of self-satisfaction. 

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