How to do Rental Cleaning in Less Time


I like to clean and keep Organised and I am very lucky that my career allows me 60 percent of the time to be based in my home office. I can wash and tidy whilst speaking to clients on the telephone and doing business. However, I know this is not the same for all people and I do also have times where I’m out all day and still want to come home to this clean sparkly organised home I can relax in.

Take Washing up for instance. When you leave a cup or plate in the sink, it is not a really big thing. But do this for a week and your sink will “all of a sudden” be overflowing! If you do not do your washing for a day, then it is hardly noticeable. But if you do not do any washing for a week, your wardrobe will be appearing empty and you’ll have the greatest mountain of washing to wash, dry, iron and put away.

This Is where my 5 Minute challenge has come into place. 5 Minutes does not sound like lots of time. You can read a blog post in 5 minutes, make a cup of tea, check out the latest updates on Facebook or Instagram but why not make use of that 5 minutes wisely.

Spending Just 5 minutes per day in 1 room seems pointless but set your timer and give it a try as this will save so much time in the long term. Do you really need to be spending your day off cleaning and tidying? I know I do not!

Clean environments all around

Maintaining a clean and well-maintained house is the key to a productive and happy family. However, your office or workplace environment can be equally important. The majority of us spend at half of our lives working at work. Our co-workers are like our next family.

It is critically important that your office workspace is maintained well organised and clean. Balance is the key to an overall healthy and happier lifestyle!

Organised & Clutter-Free

For the majority of us, office environments can be a jungle. We’ve got paperwork everywhere and unlimited sticky notes and reminders trapped against our computer screens. It’s vital that in order for one to succeed professionally, your work place is organised and clutter-free.

Start organising regularly cleaning Times to ensure everything is registered accordingly. It only takes maybe 2-3 cleans a month to make a massive difference.

Give A Major Example To Other Staff

If you are in a senior position at Work, then we invite you to lead by example. By maintaining a well-maintained working place, you are directly influencing your colleagues around you. People will notice your skills and begin to take note. Soon you’ll have everyone around practising the art of cleanliness in the workplace. This can have enormous positive effects as overall workplace productivity may increase because of this.

There is nothing like a clean And well-organised office to improve staff morale.

We sincerely hope you have taken away Some important points from this report. Remember to check out Peters Cleaning for more guest Features, tips and tricks and the most recent on each cleaning!